Mixed Chorus
Keep Fast Hold (in progress for 2018) SATB with divisi
Take Flight (2017) SAB with clarinet, cello, and piano
Morning (2016) SATB
Love Tender Breathing Fragrant (2016) SATBB
You’re in Love (2016) SATB with organ
Crickets at Dawn (2015) SATB
But We Sit in the Warm Room (2015) SATB
A Winter Ride (2015) SATB with Bb trumpet; (2017) SATB with two Bb trumpets, two trombones, timpani, and glockenspiel
Sudden Light (2015) SSATTB
Breathe (2015) SATB with orchestra
Pensées de Noël (2014) SATB with piano
The Cherry Tree Carol (2014) SATB with divisi, soprano and baritone soloists, and violin
There Will Come Soft Rains (2014) SSATTB with soprano soloist
How Do You Know (2014) SATB with idiophonic percussion
Intertwined (2014) SATB
Farewell (2014) SATB
The Winter Evening (2013) SATB with piano
Gower Wassail (2013) SATB with tenor soloist
Echo and Narcissus (2012) SSATTB
Moonlight (2011) SSAATTBB
Sweet and Low (2011) SAB with piano
Deep Blue Sea (2011) SSATBB
The Parting Glass (2011) SATB

Women’s Chorus
Ice Maiden (in progress for 2018) SSA
Medusa (in progress for 2018) SSAA
Sunrise (in progress for 2018) SSAA
Aurora Borealis (2013) SSAA with soprano soloist
Witch Trial (2013) SSAA with soprano soloist
Sirens (2012) SSAA with soprano soloist and double bass

Men’s Chorus
Upstream (in progress for 2018) TTBB
Stirred, Not Shaken (2013) TTBB
Help Me (2012) TTBB with tenor soloist