Stacey Philipps writes music of close, lush harmonies and contrapuntal textures, exploring the human experience and the timbre of voices and instruments in minute, exposed detail and vibrant, sweeping gestures. A lifelong choral singer, Philipps is an early- and new-music devotee, and she currently sings with the Oregon Repertory Singers. Her vocal interests extend to a love of composing choral music and art song, as well as collaborating with solo instrumentalists and chamber music ensembles. She is also a concert producer and arts advocate committed to building community by facilitating the evanescent thrill of live performances.

A sometime pianist and frequent dabbler in playing underappreciated instruments – Philipps has an accordion, mountain dulcimer, ukulele, and banjo on hand and is pining for a harpsichord, viola da gamba, and all the crotales – she holds degrees in music composition from Portland State University and in philosophy and math from St. John’s College, Santa Fe. She is a member of the American Composers’ Forum, the National Association of Composers, Cascadia Composers, and ASCAP and is the proprietor of Sirensong Publishing, the sole distributor of her work.