Are We Together? (2017)

String quartet
Duration: ca. 6:00

This piece explores those times when an ensemble loses its place. By ensemble, I mean a string quartet, any group of musicians, a couple in love, friends, a nation, the world. The steady pulse is obscured or dropped, entrances are late or early, and a general sense of disorientation and even mistrust arises.

Throughout this piece, a quiet drone of a constant pitch persists, even while trading places throughout the ensemble. At first grounding, later annoying, sometimes so pervasive that it becomes forgettable, it’s almost always there, whether we actively perceive it or not. Combinations of the remaining trio of instruments flirt, entice, cajole, plead, condemn, weep, explain, accuse, and try to shift the key center as they try to find some kind of common ground together.